1) Launch the Origin client software and log in to your account 2) Click on the 'Origin' in the menu bar on the top left 3) Select 'Redeem Product Code' 5) Enter the key you've purchased from us Done! The game will now be added to your 'My Games' tab of Origin
1) Launch the Steam client software and log in to your account 2) Click the 'Games Menu' 3) Choose 'Activate a Product on Steam..' 4) Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process Important: Make sure the activation is done via the Steam software only. The Steam website cannot be used to activate games.
1) Login to your account on the Battle.Net website 2) Click the 'Add a Game Key' button 3) Enter the key you've purchased from us and press 'Redeem Code' 4) Validate the game information and press 'Continue' The game has now been added to your Battle.Net account. You can now download and play the game.
Your activation key will be sent directly to the email address associated with your purchase within 24 hours after payment is confirmed. Deliveries are generally completed in less than an hour, but may take longer depending on the time of purchase. Once you receive your key, your game can be activated and installed in any region.
Please note, that all digital codes (keys) and links (gifts) are unique items that can only be used once, that is why they are NOT a subject of a refund or return. If you wish to cancel your order before your order has been sent, please contact us immediately and we will refund you in full without delay. We guarantee that all our keys and gifts are 100% valid. However, if you happen to have any difficulties while activating them, please contact us and together we will solve your problems as soon as possible. We can take back the item you bought from us solely when it is still not redeemed and if are able to resell it. We can give you your money back only after we receive a confirmation from another customer.
if you have any questions or concerns of any kind, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected]